Biosecurity Forms

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Plants and Plant Products

All fruit/vegetables/plants/plant products entering Tasmania must be accompanied by Approved Plant Health Documentation from the state of origin certifying that they meet the entry conditions for Tasmania.​

Biosecurity fees and charges 

Fees and charges may apply to some inspections and imports. Details of the fees and charges​ are available on this website.

If you are importing fruit or vegetables
  • You will need to lodge no later than 24 hours prior to arrival in Tasmania by fax or email a Notice of Intention to Import Produce.

 Notice of intention to import produce into Tasmania (DOCX 62Kb)

If you are importing plants or plant products

If you are importing grain/seeds for sowing

Tasmanian Feed Grain Grade 4 (TF4) Treatment Approval Application​

 Application For approval TF4 grain (PDF 134Kb)

​​Commercial Tissue Culture Facility Declaration

 Declaration of Commercial Facility (PDF 256Kb)

​Individual Permit Applications

Importers seeking a variation to plant, plant product and horticultural material related Import Requirements can apply for an Individual Permit for this purpose.

Animal Imports

Forms will need to accompany animals during transport. More information on specific animals can be accessed through the Importing ​Animals​ webpage.

South American Camelids or Camels (Alpacas, Lllamas, etc):
Statutory Declaration:

 Statutory Declaration Form (PDF 47Kb)

Livestock Identification and Traceability​

 PIC and NLIS Registration Form (PDF 173Kb)

You can also apply for a PIC or update your PIC details online through our PIC Registration and Amendment System.

Unaccompanied Personal Effects into Tasmania

If you are importing unaccompanied personal effects into Tasmania you will need a Declaration for the Movement of Unaccompanied Personal Effects into Tasmania.

If you are moving the items yourself, please use the Declaration For The Movement Of Unaccompanied Personal Effects Into Tasmania – Self Move form below:

 Declaration for the Movement of Unaccompanied Personal Effects into Tasmania – Self Move (PDF 226Kb)

If you are using a removalist company, please use the Declaration For The Movement Of Unaccompanied Personal Effects Into Tasmania –Transported By Removalist form below:​​​

If you are based in Tasmania and need to book a Biosecurity Tasmania offi​cer for an inspection, please use the following form:

 Biosecurity Inspection Request Form (DOCX 60Kb)

For electronic lodgement of Biosecurity forms, please send to​​

Report an Apiary Pest or Disease

Complete this form to report a suspected Apiary Pest or Disease:

 Apiary Pest or Disease Notification Form (PDF 148Kb)


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