Cane Toads - Non-viable

​​​​​​​​The importation of live cane toads (Bufo marinus) is prohibited under section 32 of the Nature Conservation Act 2002.

The following conditions apply to the importation of non-viable (dead) cane toads into Tasmania:
  • Prior to importation permission must be obtained from Wildlife Services. For further information contact Wildlife Services on email ​
  • The importer must observe all import conditions set by Wildlife Services.
  • Any documents relevant to the importation issued by Wildlife Services ​must be attached to at least one container in each shipment.
  • The cane toads must be non-viable (dead) and be either frozen or have been 'preserved' by one of the methods described on the Biosecurity Tasmania webpage Preserved Specimens.
  • On the outside of the packaging must be:
    - a clear description of the contents (both common and scientific names), and
    - contact details of both the supplier and the importer, and
    - purpose of the importation.​​​
Upon request, consignments must be presented to a Biosecurity Tasmania Inspector for inspection at an approved place.

For further information:


Wildlife Services
GPO Box 44
Phone: 03 6165 4305

Biosecurity Tasmania
Phone: 03 6165 3777 or 1300 368 550
Fax: 03 6173 0225