Circus or Performing Animals


On 17 May 2023, all requirements and conditions for importing animals and animal products into Tasmania were fully enacted under the Tasmanian Biosecurity Act 2019, (replacing the now repealed Animal Health Act 1995).

These import requirements and conditions can now be found within one easy to access document, the Tasmanian Animal Biosecurity Manual (TABM):

Please make a note of the address for this new Manual, as the webpage you are currently viewing is scheduled to be archived.

Please contact Biosecurity Tasmania for further information on tel. 03 6165 3777, or email ​

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​​​​This category includes itinerant animals for performance, education or display (and includes transitory pigs for showing, racing and circus events). You will need to apply for an Individual Permit, even if they are only temporarily visiting Tasmania:​

 Application For or Renewal of Individual Permit (PDF 232Kb)

A completed Application form can be lodged with the Chief Veterinary Officer to email

For further information:​


Animal Disease Enquiries
13 St Johns Avenue
New Town TAS 7008
Phone: 03 6165 3777