On 17 May 2023, all requirements and conditions for importing animals and animal products into Tasmania were fully enacted under the Tasmanian Biosecurity Act 2019, (replacing the now repealed Animal Health Act 1995).

These import requirements and conditions can now be found within one easy to access document, the Tasmanian Animal Biosecurity Manual (TABM):

 Tasmanian Animal Biosecurity Manual (PDF 1Mb)​​​​​​​

Please make a note of the address for this new Manual, as the webpage you are currently viewing is scheduled to be archived.

Please contact Biosecurity Tasmania for further information on tel. 03 6165 3777, or email ​Biosecurity.Tasmania@nre.tas.gov.au

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​​Goats known to be in their final trimester of pregnancy, or showing signs of advanced pregnancy, should not be transported across Bass Strait. Animal welfare requirements for the transport of livestock across Bass Strait are outlined in the Animal Welfare Guidelines - Transport of Livestock Across Bass Strait.

The following conditions apply for the importation of goats into Tasmania:
  • A completed Health Certificate for Goats Entering Tasmania, National Vendor Declaration and National Goat Health Declaration​ must accompany the animals.

  • The National Goat Health Statement must include a Total Assurance Rating (TAR).

  • The goats must be inspected by the owner or person in charge within 7 days prior to movement to Tasmania, and be found free of signs of disease.

  • The goats must not be known or suspected of being infected with, or exposed to a List A or List B disease, other than Johne's Disease, within 30 days prior to movement to Tasmania commencing.

  • Goats that are infected or suspected of being infected with Johne's Disease, may be imported into Tasmania provided all other conditions are met.  The purchaser or recipient of those goats must be advised that the goats are infected or suspected of being infected with Johnes Disease.

  • The goats must be free of cattle tick.

  • The owner or person in charge of the animals in the exporting State or Territory must certify within 7 days prior to movement to Tasmania that, to the best of their knowledge, all the above conditions have been met.

  • A Stock Inspector or Government Veterinary Officer in the state of origin must certify that after due enquiry, they have no reason to doubt the above 'owner declaration'.

  • A Shearing Exemption is required for goats with more than 25 mm of fleece.


Animal Biosecurity and Welfare Branch
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