Animals That Can't Be Imported

​​​​​​​​​​​Animals, disease agents or restricted materials which are not listed as Unrestricted Entry or Animals with Entry Requirements on this website MAY NOT BE IMPORTED. That is, entry is NOT ALLOWED unless a Special Authority has been issued. Special Authorities are only issued if the item in question has been assessed as being a ‘very low’ biosecurity risk and there are no other restrictions or prohibitions on that item.​

Listed below is information relating to particular animals and restricted material that are specifically prohibited from entering Tasmania:
  • Abalone: importation of abalone (dead or alive), including abalone products, is prohibited. Abalone from any state or territory may only be permitted entry to Tasmania if a Special Authority has been obtained from the Chief Veterinary Officer prior to the importation taking place and the import conditions of that Special Authority have been strictly complied with. See below for details about Special Authority applications.

  • Imports of all freshwater crayfish or yabby (alive and DEAD) are banned by the Inland Fisheries Act 1995.​​ (For the full list of species go to the Inland Fisheries (Controlled Fish) Order 2015​).
    Contact the Inland Fisheries Service on tel. (03) 6165 3808 or email ​for more information.

  • Mussels (Mytilus sp.), clams (Dosinia sp.) and oysters (Otrea sp., Crassostrea sp., or Saccostrea:
    • Live – Entry NOT ALLOWED unless in accordance with a Special Authority issued by the Chief Veterinary Officer. An Application for Special Authority form is located at the bottom of this page. 
    • Dead – May be imported in accordance with the General Authority for Animals with Unrestricted Entry Requirements which strictly controls the areas from which these animals may be sourced.  

APPLICATION FOR A SPECIAL AUTHORITY - can be made to the Chief Veterinary Officer by completing the form linked below and emailing it to

  Application for special authority to import animals, animal material, or restricted animal material   (433Kb)​


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