​Transporting Horses to Tasmania by Sea:

These requirements must be met or horse transport vehicles will be turned away. Check your ability to meet these requirements before departing from your home property.

  • TT Line may have additional requirements for horse transport that you will receive at the time of booking.
  • The owner and/or driver of the horse transport vehicle is primarily responsible for assessing the fitness of the horses and for compliance with transport welfare regulations to undertake the journey. The owner and/or driver must declare in writing that the horses are fit to travel in accordance with the regulations.
  • ​Information on the Animal Welfare Transport regulation 34 for horses can be viewed online. Further information can be found in this document:

 Animal Welfare Guideline - Land Transport of Livestock ​​

  • ​​Horses must be single stalled unless it is a mare and dependent foal.
  • Horse vehicles, including 2-horse floats, have ventilation opening requirements for the 12 hour Bass Strait crossing. For more than 2 horses on a vehicle this is an opening of 0.5m2 per horse.
  • Horse floats (containing two or less horses) must have openings for ventilation in the front and rear of the float, each measuring at least 0.4m2.

For the full list of biosecurity and importation requirements relating to horses, please refer to the Tasmanian Animal Biosecurity Manual.