Fees and Charges for Biosecurity Inspections

​​​​​​​Import inspectio​​n fees

Biosecurity Tasmania charge inspection fees for:
  • Examination of documents, vessel, or prescribed matter under the Biosecurity Act 2019
  • Certificates of Release
  • Examination of unit of freight
There are two separate charges, depending on what is being inspected. Details of these fees and charges are contained in the document available for download below:

The background to these fees, originally actioned in 2019 as an amendment of the Plant Quarantine Regulations 2017, are contained in the Regulatory Impact Statement for the Draft Plant Quarantine Amendment Regulations 2019.

The Plant Quarantine Act 2017 and Plant Quarantine Regulations 2017  have now been replaced by the Biosecurity Act 2019 and the Biosecurity Regulations 2022.


Exemption ​and remission of fees

Under sections 276 and 277 of the Biosecurity Act 2019  the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) may, by public notice, exempt any specified person or class of persons, specified occupier or class of occupiers or any specified biosecurity matter, carrier, premises or other thing from the operation of all or any specified provisions of this Act. Such an exemption can include a full or partial waiver of fees that would otherwise be payable.​

A person can seek a waiver/remission of fees on the grounds of financial hardship or public interest, or any other factor the person feel may be relevant. An application for a reduction or waiver of fees must be

  1. ​made in writing, addressed to the Secretary of NRE Tas; and

  2. supported by sufficient evidence; and

  3. emailed to Biosecurity.Tasmania@nre.tas.gov.au

Exemptions for persons or classes of persons will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, and are required by law to be publically notified in the Tasmanian Government Gazette. 


Biosecurity Tasmania

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