Import Restrictions relating to Myrtle Rust

​The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania has established the following Import Restrictions:

There is a prohibition* on the import of plants, cut flowers, seed, fruit, pollen, foliage and tissue culture from all plants from the Myrtaceae family. There are around 150 genera in the Myrtaceae family with the more well-known being eucalypts, teatrees, paperbarks, willow myrtle and bottlebrush.

Please Note: There is provision for an importer to apply for an exemption from this prohibition. The importer would have to demonstrate they have an effective risk management process in place and any such exemption would have to be specifically authorised in writing.

To apply for permits to import plants from the family Myrtaceae (i.e. those restricted due to regulation for myrtle rust), please email or contact Biosecurity Tasmania via the number below.

 Plants in the Myrtaceae Family (PDF 295Kb)

 Myrtle Rust Biosecurity Fact Sheet (PDF 381Kb)


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