Import Requirement (IR) Changes & Summary Data

​​​​​​​​​​Biosecurity Tasmania declares a number of import requirements (IRs) that are designed to mitigate the identified risk of introductions of List A or B Regulated Quarantine Pests that may be associated with imports of a wide range of prescribed matter (including plants or plant products) into the State.
For a wide range of commonly imported commodities, more than one IR may apply.
Importantly, Biosecurity Tasmania is also often required to make changes at short notice to the regulartory conditions governing the import of prescribed matter (plants or plant products) into the State, outside of the annual production of the Manual. Such changes may be focused on:
  • existing IRs held in the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (PBMTas) via their amendment or revocation; or
  • the introduction of new IRs not previously published in the Manual, in response to newly emerging pest outbreaks of quarantine concern interstate.

Latest IR Changes

The Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania, is published in December of each year, as a new ​edition for the coming calendar year.

This page contains notifications of any changes that are introduced outside of the annual edition of the manual.

Note: All Import Requirement updates throughout 2021 have been replaced or superseded by the new edition of the Manual.

Minor change to Import Requirement 2 (IR2)

Biosecurity Tasmania has issued an update to Import Requirement 2 – Fruit Fly Host Produce – Disinfestation with Methyl Bromide.
This update is effective 10 October 2022 and notifies that a pre-treatment inspection is not required between 1 April and 30 September each year (Re. Clause V). This is due to the period not being considered high risk season. High risk fruit will still require a pre-treatment fruit fly inspection during the period 1 October – 31 March.
No other changes have been made to the operation of this Import Requirement.

 Revised Import Requirement 2 - Fruit Fly Host Produce - Disinfestation with Methyl Bromide (PDF 131Kb)

Revocation of Import Requirement 43 (IR43)

Please be advised that effective 14 January 2022, Import Requirement 43 Fruit Fly Host Produce - Pre-Harvest Treatment and Inspection of Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Persimmons and Blueberries (IR43) of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (2022), and acceptance of corresponding ICA-21 (Pre-harvest Treatment and Post Harvest Inspection of Approved Host Fruit) will be revoked.
As part of an ongoing review and continual improvement to our biosecurity entry conditions, Biosecurity Tasmania will be seeking to enhance this import requirement to ensure it is fit-for-purpose however, at this time, it will not be available for the import of some fruit fly host produce.
Alternative import requirements remain available for the import of fruit fly host produce, including Import Requirements 1 – 7, 41, 42, 44 and 45. Please refer to the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (2022) for further detail on those import requirements.

 Revocation of IR43 - Section 68 Notice (PDF 186Kb)

Revocation of Import Requirement 28 (IR28)

Please be advised that effective 3 August 2022, Import Requirement 28- Blueberry Rust - Hosts and Carriers (IR28) of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania 2022 will be revoked. Blueberry plant material will still be required to meet any other Import Requirements listed within the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania.

 Revocation of conditions and restrictions on import of prescribed matter_Blueberry rust hosts and carriers (PDF 182Kb)


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