2023 Biosecurity Compliance Reporting

​​​​​​​​​​Our Biosecurity compliance data is ​only available from Spring 2023 onwards.

Spring 2023 

The below compliance statistics represent data available between 1 September 2023 - 30 Novem​ber 2023.

​Border Biosecu​​rity D​​​etections Notices (BDN)

Total BDNs​ issued - 128​​
​Resulted in a caution letter
​Resulted in an infringement notice
​Resulted in prosecution0

​Regulatory Investigatio​​n Outcomes

​​Total investigation​s completed this quarter - 58
​Resulted in an educative outcome
​​Resulted in a caution outcome
​Resulted in an infringement notice
​Resulted in prosecution

Court Proceedings

​Active prosecutions​
​New prosecutions this quarter1
​Currently referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions for consideration3 ​

Magistrates Court Outcomes - Spring 2023

  1. ​​Numerous offences relating to poultry under Animal Welfare Act 1993, Animal Health Act 1995, and Biosecurity Act 2019. Recidivist offender. Convicted of nine charges – Penalty $2500. Must not hold more than 80 poultry for 2 years. ​​

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