GBD: Dealing, Matter and Carriers Explained

​​​​​​​​​The Biosecurity Act 2019, introduces a new legal obligation in Tasmania, known as the General Biosecurity Duty (or GBD).  We all have a GBD to manage the biosecurity risks when we engage in a DEALING with Biosecurity MATTER, or a CARRIER. 

But what do these terms mean?

What does 'Dealing' mean?

The definition of Dealing is quite broad.

Examples include: ​ to keep, possess, care for, have custody of, control, produce, manufacture, supply, import, acquire, buy, sell, dispose of, move, release, use, treat, breed, propagate, grow, raise, feed, culture, experiment with, or display, biosecurity matter or a carrier.​

General Biosecurity Duty - Dealing

What is 'Biosecu​​rity Matter'?

Biosecurity Matter includes any living thing, part of a living thing or product of a living thing (other than a human), or a disease or contaminant, or a disease agent that can cause disease.

Examples include: plants and plant products, seeds, animal products, insects (pests) and microorganisms.​​

General Biosecurity Duty - Matter

What does 'Carrier' mean?

Carrier means any thing or substance (living, dead or inanimate) that biosecurity matter might be contained within or on.  

Examples include: plants or animals or related products and materials, vehicles, aircraft, vessels, agricultural equipment, soil, gravel, water, recreational equipment, shoes, and clothing.

General Biosecuirty Duty - Carrier​​​

Further information

Download the GBD: Dealing, Biosecurity Matter and Carrier Factsheet:​