Hypothetical example: A home gardener buying seeds online

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this hypothetical example you:

  • are a home gardener with a large suburban backyard 

  • have just finished adding several new garden beds. 

  • have already planted fruits and vegetables, and now want to add some flowering plants along the pathways.

You have looked locally but you can't find any flowers you like so decide to buy some seeds online. Some adverts on social media to buy “mixed flower seed mixes” and “bee-friendly flower mixes" in bulk from discount sites catch your eye, however you have also found a larger commercial company online who claim to send seeds to Tasmania.

​General Biosecurity Duty (GBD) Actions and Outcomes​

Meeting you GBD

Below are SOME examples that show how taking action to meet your GBD can have positive outcomes.

Meeting your GBD
Expected outcomes
Meeting your GBD
  • You checked the Biosecurity Tasmania website and educated yourself on the requirements for importing seeds to Tasmania - noting that seeds can only be purchased from approved suppliers.​

  • Before placing an order, you contacted Biosecurity Tasmania via email to clarify some remaining questions you had about importing seeds, including what paperwork was needed.

  • Upon receipt, you double-checked you were sent the correct seeds before sowing them.​

  • ​You met your GBD, the seeds were imported correctly, and the risk of introduced weed seeds or pests and diseases was greatly minimised.

  • You bought the seed from an approved supplier, guaranteeing the contents and biosecurity status of the seeds.

  • You were able to buy the seeds you wanted, comply with Tasmanian import requirements, and share your new-found ​knowledge with your local community of home-gardeners.​

NOT meeting your GBD​

Below are SOME examples that show how NOT​ taking action to meet your GBD can have negative outcomes.​

Not meeting your GBD
Expected outcomes​
Not meeting your GBD

  • You bought the cheaper seed mixes online without knowing exactly what species of seeds were included. You did not know if the seeds could be sent to Tasmania, or if the supplier was approved to send seeds to Tasmania.

  • You did not have any knowledge of the import requirements for Tasmania, or an understanding of the negative effects uncertified seeds can have on the Tasmanian economy, primary industries and environment.​​

  • ​The risk of introducing unwanted pests and diseases or weed seeds is extremely high with uncertified seed mixes.

  • Declared weeds could be introduced through this pathway, causing local infestations of potentially detrimental ​weeds.

  • The economy, primary industries, and environment of Tasmania is put at elevated risk from uncertified seed. 

  • You may receive a fine or face further legal proceedings for your​ breach of Tasmanian import requirements.​

What you can do ​to​​ meet your GBD

  • If you are planning to buy seeds online check the Biosecurity Tasmania website, or the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

  • Only buy seeds from approved suppliers 

  • If you are unsure if a company is an approved supplier for Tasmania, contact the supplier and check their status

  • Never plant seeds if you don’t know what species they are, and stay up to date with the current list of declared weeds in Tasmania, as required under the Biosecurity Act 2019

  • A Notice of Intention form will need to be submitted to Biosecurity Tasmania at least 24 hours before arrival of all seed consignments, however you may need additional documentation if your consignment weighs more than 1kg

  • C​ontact Biosecurity Tasmania​ for more information

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Please note that this information contains minimum recommendations only. The GBD requires a person dealing with biosecurity matter or a carrier to take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent, eliminate or minimise any biosecurity risk associated with the dealing. Such measures may not be specified in any regulations, guidelines or other official publications.​​


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