Biosecurity Tasmania Import Risk Analysis (IRA) Processes

​​​​​​​​Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) is the process used to evaluate biological or other scientific and economic evidence to determine whether a pest should be regulated and the strength of any phytosanitary measures to be taken against it (FAO 2004).

When used to evaluate the biosecurity risk presented by imported goods and plant material to a sovereign state or country, it is commonly referred to as 'Import Risk Analysis'.

Biosecurity Tasmania undertakes Import Risk Analysis (IRA) reporting processes consistent with national and international guidelines, when evaluating what pests and diseases are of greatest concern to Tasmania in association with imported goods, plants and plant products, machinery and movement of people across its State borders.

As Australia's only island state, Tasmania enjoys freedom from many important pests and diseases present on mainland Australia. Targeted regulation of traded goods to minimise biosecurity risks is an important function of Biosecurity Tasmania's plant biosecurity policy work. Triggers for risk analysis include:

  • new exotic pest incursions on mainland Australia;
  • program review of technical currency of existing Import Requirements held within the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania;
  • new commodity import requests not previously considered;
  • ongoing review of pest risks which may threaten Tasmania's major agricultural industry sectors and natural environment and
  • Import requirement variation requests to existing Import Requirements

Policy Framework and Guidelines

A framework of risk analysis context, concepts, methods and core principles sets the broad parameters for risk analysis across all disciplines of biosecurity in Tasmania, whether it be plant, animals, weeds or invasive species.

 Import Risk Analysis (3.29 MB)​

Import Risk Analyses​​

The Import Risk Analyses used to underpin Biosecurity Tasmania's plant biosecurity regulatory policy platform can be found here, either in draft public consultation form, or as finalised IRA's.

Import Risk Analyses for Public Consultation​ 

Import Risk A​nalysis - Potato Imports​​

NRE Tas has initiated an Import Risk Analysis for potato imports into Tasmania. For more information visit the Import Risk Analysis - Potato Imports webpage.

​​​Finalised Import Risk Analyses.

Plant Biosecurity Regulatory Changes Resulting from IRA Work Program​​​​

As a result of this body of IRA work, many regulatory changes are made in reference to Import Regulation, Plant Biosecurity pest lists and/or pest declaration changes. Such changes can be found under one of the following information links:


Biosecurity Enquiries