Pictorial Atlas of Plant Diseases Diagnosed in Tasmania

​The “Pictorial Atlas of Plant Diseases Diagnosed in Tasmania”  was produced by Dr Ziqing Yuan with the images collated over the past 10 years, working as a Senior Plant Pathologist with the Plant Biosecurity and Diagnostics Branch, Biosecurity Tasmania

 Pictorial Atlas of Plant Diseases in Tasmania (PDF 9Mb)

One hundred plant diseases caused by fungi and nematodes occurring in Tasmania and mainland Australia are presented in the atlas. Ninety two species of fungi and eight nematodes are illustrated morphologically, and in most cases the disease symptoms are also shown in the atlas. 

The book covers a wide range of host plants in agriculture, horticulture and forestry and will become a valuable reference to plant pathologists throughout the country and internationally. The significant micrographs are also great resources for teaching.