Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Information for TBIRD users: The current Tasmanian Biosecurity Import Requirement Database (TBIRD) has been disabled to make way for a new and improved database of biosecurity import requirements (TBIRD 2.0).

TBIRD 2.0 will include import requirements relating to plants and plant products, animal health, wildlife and invasive species.

Please Note: Changes are occasionally made to Import Requirements outside of the annual edition of the Plant Biosecurity Manual and are detailed on the Import Requirement Changes webpage​.
One of the key goals of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Policy is to minimise the threat to Tasmania's primary industries, natural environment and public health from disease and pest risks associated with plants and plant products brought into the State. In practice, this means that there are a large number of rules relating to the conditions of entry for a wide range of plants and plant products that are imported into Tasmania - these rules are known as 'Import Requirements'.

The Tasmanian Plant Biosecurity Manual (PBMTas) has been developed to help importers, exporters and the broader public understand the current requirements for the import and export of plants, plant products, and other prescribed matter authorised by the Plant Quarantine Act 1997.

Below you can download the 2022 edition of the PBMTas. Each new edition is likely to contain changes to some import requirements so, if you do download the Manual or any extract from it (from below), please check that the hard copy you are using is the current edition.

In most cases, changes to import requirements are minor and will come into effect as the next edition of PBMTas is published. However, there may be rare occasions when we have to make changes to import requirements that necessarily come into effect immediately. We will be posting any such changes on this web page. If you use the PBMTas regularly, please bookmark this page so that you will be aware of any such emergency declarations.

Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania 2022 Edition

  Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania   (2Mb)

The Tasmanian Plant Biosecurity Pest Categorisatio​n System
List A & List B Pests and Diseases
Tasmanian Unwanted Quarantine Pest List

Tasmanian Pest Declarations List

ICA Summary Cross Index

IR Summary Index Tables

Biosecurity Forms - Once you have worked out which import requirements apply in your case you can get the relevant forms online.

Changes made to import requirements during 2022 will not appear in the Manual until the next edition is published. So, please check the Plant Import Requirement Changes page regularly for changes not in the Manual.

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