Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Changes & Summary Data

​Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Changes & Summary Data

Biosecurity Tasmania declares a number of import requirements that are designed to mitigate the identified risk of introduction of Prohibited Pests that may be associated with imports of a wide range of restricted matter (including plants or plant products) into the State.

Biosecurity Tasmania also recognises other certification schemes which may also offer risk mitigation equivalence for those same import risk pathways. One such stream of certification recognition is the Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Scheme, administered by the Subcommittee on Domestic Quarantine and Market Access (SDQMA)

When Changes are made by Biosecurity Tasmania to ICA acceptances outside of the annual publication of the Plant Biosecurity Maunual Tasmania (PBMTas), they are posted here on this web page. A summary cross-index of ICA changes by time, or as a function of Biosecurity Tasmania import requirement are provided as follows:

Latest Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Changes

Occassional changes to Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) acceptances may need to be made at short notice. This page will contain notifications of any such changes that are introduced outside of the annual edition of the PBMTas.

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ICA Acceptance Summary Cross-Index by Import Requirement

The following table summarises Biosecurity Tasmania’s acceptance status for all current ICA’s. Many ICA’s are accepted by Biosecurity Tasmania as offering risk equivalence, while some are not accepted.

In addition to those ICAs cited within given Import Requirements, listed in Section 2.17 of the Manual, there is also one ICA protocol accepted by Tasmania which is not aligned to any existing Tasmanian Import Requirement (IR) equivalent:

•    ICA-24: Treatment and Inspection of Aquatic Plants;

The current status of ICAs acceptances by Biosecurity Tasmania are summarised as a cross-index in the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania at Section 2.17

ICA Summary Index by Time

Through time, many changes have been made and continue to be made, to ICA protocols and content, as deliberated upon by the SDQMA. Such changes are often triggered by changes in scientific understanding about a target pests known host range, detection methods, method of field management and control, and/or product disinfestation protocols.

For further information regarding the historical record of such key changes and their associated acceptance or not by Biosecurity Tasmania through time please contact Biosecurity Tasmania.


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