Plant Pest Surveillance

Biosecurity Tasmania coordinates plant pest surveillance as part of the National Plant Health Surveillance Program (NPHSP), and for State plant pest area freedom status information.

The NPHSP is part funded and coordinated by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture Water and Resources, and delivered by all Australian state and territory jurisdictions,  who undertake the operational and reporting components of the program. The NPHSP is primarily designed and implemented to enable the early detection of exotic pest species that may enter and establish in Australia.

The Tasmanian component is managed by Biosecurity Tasmania and will include surveillance for exotic fruit flies, gypsy moths, citrus canker, brown marmorated stink bug, grapevine leaf rust and Pierce’s disease - as well as a range of pests under the volunteer sticky trap survey

The Adopt-a-trap Pest Survey for 2021-2022 is being undertaken to inform the NPHSP, further information and registration can be found here.


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