Approved Food Safety Auditors

​​The Primary Produce Safety Act 2011 (the Act) applies PPP Standards in Tasmania through commodity specific food safety schemes. The form and content of food safety schemes are governed by Part 3 of the Act which sets out the minimum requirements for a food safety scheme. 

The Scheme requires operators of regulated primary production activities to:

  • comply with the relevant Standard;
  • hold an accreditation in order to carry on a business involving the production or processing of a regulated primary production activity; and
  • prepare and implement an approved (usually HACCP based) food safety program which is audited at least once a year.

The annual audits are to be performed by approved regulatory food safety auditors with specific approval for the activity that is being audited. A list of currently approved auditors and their approval information is provided in the attachment below. ​

Approved Food Safety Auditors

Updated: 13 September 2018

  List of Approved Food Safety Auditors   (34Kb)


Application for Approval as a Food Safety Auditor

Food safety auditors wishing to be approved under the Primary Produce Safety Act 2011 should complete and lodge the application form below.

  Application for Approval as a Food Safety Auditor   (69Kb)

  Food Safety Auditor Code of Conduct   (50Kb)