​​​​​​​​​​​ The commercial production of eggs for human consumption is regulated under the Primary Produce Safety (Egg) Regulations 2014 or the Egg Food Safety Scheme (Egg Scheme).  

The Egg Scheme gives effect to the requirements applying to Tasmanian egg producers under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Food Standards Code). This includes the requirement that all eggs for sale or use in commercial catering must be stamped with the producer's unique identification.

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  • Egg Food Safety Scheme
    The Primary Produce Safety (Egg) Regulations 2014 establish an Egg Food Safety Scheme (Egg Scheme) for egg production under the Primary Produce Safety Act 2011. The Egg Scheme prescribes the accreditation requirements in respect to the production of eggs and egg products.
  • Egg Producer Application Forms
    Forms and information for small egg producers as well as those seeking full accreditation.



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