Egg Producer Application Forms

​​​Category 1 - Unaccredited (Small) Commercial Egg Producer

Small commercial egg producers (producing less than 20 dozen eggs per week) will not be required to hold an accreditation, have an annual food safety audit nor pay any associated fees. However, depending on how they sell or supply eggs, they may be required to formally notify and register their activity with Biosecurity Tasmania.

They must also comply with the Food Standards Code in respect to commercial egg production, including the requirement to have a Food Safety Management Statement and to stamp their eggs.​

​To assist small commercial egg producers in meeting their obligations under the Egg Scheme, Biosecurity Tasmania has developed the information package below. The package provides the Notification Form, a basic Food Safety Management Statement and advice on what you need to do to obtain a free hand-held stamp kit.

Application / Notification Fo​​rms:

 Information Sheet - Egg Food Safety Scheme (Small Commercial and Home Egg Producers) (PDF 328Kb)

 Notification Form - Unaccredited Commercial Egg Producer (PDF 46Kb)

 Basic Food Safety Management Statement (DOCX 203Kb)​

 Record keeping sheets for Unaccredited Commercial Egg Producers (DOCX 44Kb)

​Please email scanned forms to​

How to work out what you need to do:

  1. How many egg-laying birds do you intend to keep? and

  2. How you will sell or supply your eggs (direct from the farm gate? to family and friends? Or will you have a market stall, or sell via a cafe or shop, other outlet?)

​If you keep fewer than 20 egg-laying birds and only sell or supply directly to friends, family or work colleagues, no action is required.

If you keep fewer than 20 egg-laying birds and sell or supply via a market stall, a cafe or shop, or other outlet, you are required to submit a Notification form as a Category 1 Producer.

If you keep ​between 20 and 50 birds, producing fewer than 20 dozen eggs per week, you are required to submit a Notification form and a Food Safety Management Statement as a Category 1 Producer​.

If you keep more than 50 egg-laying birds, or produce more than 20 dozen eggs per week, you are required to apply for a Category 2 accreditation.

Category 2 - Accredited Commercial Producer

Category 2 Commercial egg producers produce greater than 20 dozen eggs per week that are mainly for commercial purposes. Category 2 producers require full accreditation and an approved and audited food safety program.​

Applica​​​tion Form

  Application for accreditation as a Primary Producer   (68Kb)​

Food Safety​​ Plan Template

  Food Safety Program Template - Shell Egg Program Egg Production   (315Kb)

Accreditation F​ee​s and Charges

Current Accreditation Fees and Charges​