​​​​​​​​​The Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standard for Seafood, developed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand​, is an outcomes-based standard that sets the minimum standard for seafood food safety nationally.​

Information on regulations

  Primary produce safety (seafood) regulations Information Sheet   (116Kb)

  Primary produce safety (seafood) regulations FAQs   (113Kb)​ 

Application for accreditation

  Application for accreditation as a Primary Producer   (67Kb)​

Accreditation Fees and Charges

Current accreditation fees and charges.


Primary Produce Safety Act 2011
Primary Produce Safety (Seafood) Regulations 2014​ 

​Food Safety Plans and Food Safety Systems

The following Food Safety Plans are currently available:

The Tasmanian Government are cooperatively developing food safety plans and systems with a number of the seafood industry sectors to provide industry participants with a means of clearly demonstrating compliance with the PPP Seafood Standard.

Other industry sector-specific plans and systems, where appropriate, will be made available on this website once they have been completed.​


Food Safety Program