Recreational Harvesting of Bivalve Shellfish

​​​There are many areas in Tasmania where bivalve shellfish may be found. Whilst many of these areas may be suitable for the recreational collection and consumption of shellfish, this is not always the case. Some areas will never be suitable, and others may be unsuitable at certain times such as following heavy rainfall events.

ShellMAP Regulatory Services do not routinely monitor non-commercial shellfish growing areas.

Recreational harvesters should adhere to the following advice:

Standing Advisories

The Director of Public Health advises that it is unsafe to consume shellfish from the entire East Coast of Tasmania. See the Public Health Advisory or Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

Specific Advisories

On occasions the Director of Public Health will issue specific advisories warning against recreational shellfish harvesting in certain areas.

General Advisories

Whilst it is acknowledged that many people enjoy consuming shellfish raw, this can be a high risk activity in unmonitored areas. This risk is reduced significantly by cooking the shellfish thoroughly.

Do not consume shellfish from the following areas or periods:

  • Marinas or other areas potentially subject to boat discharges
  • Adjacent to sewage, industrial or stormwater outfalls
  • Areas where septic tanks may be failing
  • Following heavy rainfall events
  • Areas impacted by toxic algal blooms.

Note: certain shellfish species require a seasonal licence for recreational harvest, and catch l​imits also apply for some species.