Seed Sprouts

​​​​​​​​​The Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standard for Seed Sprouts, has been developed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, as part of a series of national food safety standards.

PPP Standards (which only apply in Australia) aim to strengthen food safety and traceability throughout the food supply chain from paddock to plate.

Seed sprouts are a germinated form of seeds and beans, such as alfalfa sprouts, onion sprouts, radish sprouts, and mung bean sprouts. They are eaten either raw or cooked.

In recent years, outbreaks of food-borne illness both in Australia and overseas have been associated with eating seed sprouts.

Parliament passed the Primary Produce Safety Act 2011 (the Act) to implement the national PPP Standards in Tasmania.


Primary Produce Safety Act 2011

Primary Produce Safety (Seed Sprouts) Regulations 2014

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