Tasmanian Livestock Processing Taskforce

​​​The Livestock Processing Taskforce was established in late 2023 in response to identified animal welfare concerns in several Tasmanian commercial processing facilities. 

The Taskforce’s Terms of Reference focus will be to identify actions that will ensure an enduring animal welfare culture at the State’s livestock processing facilities, led by a strategic implementation plan, and to make recommendations to the Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries.

The purpose of the Tasmanian Livestock Processing Taskforce is to develop a Standard, Guidelines and Strategy to ensure an enduring animal welfare culture at the State’s livestock processing facilities (abattoirs and knackeries).

Taskforce members include representatives from:

  • TasFarmers (formerly Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers)

  • Dairy Tasmania

  • Sprout Tasmania

  • Livestock Transport Industry

  • RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

  • Australian Meat Industry Council

  • The Department of State Growth

  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (Biosecurity Tasmania)

​The Taskforce is chaired by Felicity Richards, a livestock producer with expertise in governance and is the current Chair of the Biosecurity Advisory Committee and Farmsafe Tasmania.

The Taskforce meets fortnightly and will be operational for six months, or until such time as determined by the Minister.  An update will be provided to the Parliament in the first sitting week of 2024.

 Terms of Reference for the Tasmanian Livestock Processing Taskforce (PDF 64Kb)​

Video surveillance in abattoirs​

Tasmanian abattoirs are required to install video surveillance to monitor work practices following recommendations by the Tasmanian Livestock Processing Taskforce.

Update on progress - May 2024

Progress of the Tasmania Livestock Processing Taskforce and the Government Report on Strengthening Animal Welfare in Livestock Processing was released on 15 May 2024.

​The first of these outputs are guidelines on the installation and management of video surveillance.


Biosecurity Tasmania