Group Permits

​​​​​​​​Various types of permit may be issued under the Biosecurity Act 2019 ​(the Act) by a 'relevant decision-maker'. One such permit is a gro​up permit granted ​under Section​ 110 of the Act.

​Below is a compiled list of all current group permits that have been granted under section 110 of the Act, and may be used by any relevant group, or class, of persons as defined within the Act​.

​​​Current Group Permits​

 Group Permit Alkaloid​ Poppy Seeds (PDF 123Kb)

 Group Permit Indian (Industrial) Hemp Seeds  (PDF 96Kb)​

 Group Permit Oyster Movements (PDF 147Kb)​

 Group Permit Import Plants, Plant Products & Horticultural Material (PDF 3Mb)

 Group Permit Continuation of Special Authorities issued after 2 Nov 2022 (PDF 115Kb)​

 Group Permit Import Animals, Animal Products and Animal Fittings (PDF 1Mb)

 Group permit Undaria pinnatifida (PDF 120Kb)​​

​If you would like to enquire about the granting, variation, or renewal of a group permit, please contact Biosecurity Tasmania.


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