Alcohol, Drugs, Medications and Tobacco Products

​​Tasmania has strict import requirements on a number of items that have the potential to host harmful pests and diseases. This includes some natural medicines and treatments. Pests and diseases found in or on these items could have a major impact on our environment if they enter our state.

We all have a general biosecurity duty​ to protect our primary industries, environment and way of life from harmful pests, weeds and diseases. You can help by disposing of, or declaring restricted items when you arrive in Tasmania.

Examples:  Spirits, wine, beer, cigarettes, tobacco packets, e-cigarettes, fish oil tablets, vitamins, supplements, capsules, homeopathic drops, wheat heat bags, CBD oil, medical cannabis.

Allowed if: Commercially produced, clean and free of biosecurity contamination like bugs, soil, or disease.

Any specific permits or licenses for Controlled Substances are held.

Not permitted entry: Any items contaminated with bugs, soil or disease.
Declare the item? No

Inspection required? No
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