Climate Change and Coastal Risk Assessment Project

Climate Change Graphic words
The Project developed tools and resources to assist with risk-based management and planning for various assets and values in the coastal zone. Conducted by the Department of Primary Industries and Water, the Project was supported with funding from the Tasmanian Risk Mitigation Programme, coordinated by the State Emergency Services.

The first two of the three phases of the Project developed information on extreme sea-level probabilities for current and future sea-levels, and conducted a desk-top audit of vulnerable assets and values around the Tasmanian coast.

A Template Coastal Risk Management Plan, with supporting Guidelines, has been produced for use by local planners and managers to assist in managing risks to assets in the coastal zone vulnerable to sea-level rise. In addition a Case Study has been developed to provide a working example of how to use the Template.

Please click on the links below to access the Project documents in pdf format: