Bush Information & Management

The following pages provide a wealth of information on planned fire management, native bush (including different types of native bush), threatened species, weed identification and management, plus river, wetland and geoconservation information.

In this topic

  • Benefits of Native Bush
    The benefits of maintaining and improving the health of native bush are numerous but they are not always obvious.
  • Characteristics of Healthy Bush
    How to recognise healthy bush.
  • Condition of Your Bush
    Assessing the health or condition of your bush will help you decide what management is necessary.
  • General Management
    Some guiding principles for managing remnant bush that can be modified to suit your particular situation and needs.
  • Identify Your Bush Type
    Keyed information that will help you identify and manage native bush on your property.
  • Planned Burning Management
    A range of tools and strategies to assist Tasmanian private landholders with fire management.
  • Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit
    The Toolkit provides landowners, community groups and extension staff with a comprehensive guide to the management and conservation needs of native bush. The toolkit covers a wide variety of topics including different vegetation types, threatened species, revegetation and weed management.


Private Land Conservation Enquiries

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