Bush with a Tree Layer made up of Trees that are not Eucalypts

All the bush types below have a tree layer that is dominated by trees other than eucalypts. When trying to determine your bush type, focus on the trees in the canopy. Do not worry about the understorey at this stage.

Find the summary that best describes your bush. Click on the image for a discussion of the bush type and its management in general.


Banksia scrub and woodlands has a tree layer dominated by banksia.

She-oak woodland scene

She-oak woodland and forest has a tree layer dominated by she-oak.

Oyster Bay Pine

Oyster Bay pine and South Esk pine woodland and forest has a tree layer dominated by cypress pine species.

Tea-tree vegetation.

Tea-tree and paperbark wet scrub and forest is dominated by tea-tree or paperbark with a closed canopy.

Blackwood trees.

Blackwood forest is dominated by blackwood with a closed canopy.

Dry rainforest vegetation.

Dry rainforest has a dense canopy dominated by native olive, pinkwood or dogwood.

Rainforest vegetation

Temperate rainforest is dominated by myrtle, sassafras, pines, horizontal or leatherwood.