Gardens for Wildlife

The Gardens for Wildlife scheme will now be delivered by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy Inc. (TLC).

The TLC also deliver the hugely successful Land for Wildlife (LFW) scheme which was started in Tasmania in 1998 by the then Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. 

Gardens for Wildlife started in 2008 for people whose property did not qualify for LFW (properties smaller than 2 hectare), or who lived in urban/suburban areas.  

Keeping the two schemes together with the TLC is a natural fit and the TLC are very keen to keep GFW going and growing and will provide great support to GFW members.

If you are interested in learning more or registering, please visit the Tasmanian Land Conservancy gardens for wildlife program page​.

In this topic

  • Creating a Wildlife Garden
    Advice on how to create garden that attracts a diversity of native species.
  • Habitat Modules
    To inspire you with creating a garden here are four ‘habitat modules' with recommended plants for coastal gardens, container gardens, dry gardens and wet gardens.
  • Avoiding Weeds and Garden Escapes
    Weeds are a significant economic and conservation problem and are a major threat to loss of wildlife habitat and biodiversity.
  • Become a GFW Member
    Register as Garden for Wildlife and show your support for Tasmanian wildlife.
  • About Gardens for Wildlife
    ‘Gardens for Wildlife' aims to encourage and recognise wildlife-friendly gardens and environment-friendly practices in urban gardens.

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