Permit to Take Threatened Species and/or Products of Wildlife (for Consultants & Development-related Activities)

​​​​​​​​Where a development will involve impact to a species listed as threatened under the Threaten​ed Species Protection Act 1995 a permit to 'take' will be required. 'Take' includes kill, injure, pursue, catch, damage, destroy and collect. Consultants must also hold a permit to collect or impact specimens during any surveying. A permit under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 is also required to take products of wildlife.

​​If you require a permit to take native flora and/or fauna, you will need to complete the Permit to Take Application Form. Applicants should allow four weeks for an application to be assessed and processed. Please note that permits will generally not be issued until the relevant planning approvals are obtained.

​All survey or species identification records relating to the proposed project will need to be entered and verified in the Natural Values Atlas (NVA) before a permit can be assessed. The NVA is the official repository for known records for species population and abundance figures. Please ensure your data has been entered and approved in the NVA before submitting your permit application.  The data must include:

  • G​rid references in GDA94,
  • accuracy in metres,
  • date of observation accurate to the day, 
  • observer name, 
  • estimates of the number of mature individuals and area occupied,
  • notes on disturbance and
  • potential threats. 


​​​   Permit to Take Application Form   (257Kb)

If a Permit to Take is issued, ​you will need to complete a Permit Activity Report Form and provide information on the species taken.

 Permit Activity Report Form (DOCX 98Kb)

The Natural Values Atlas

​If y​​ou have any questions about how to complete your permit application or enter your data into the NVA please contact the Conservation Assessments team.​

Information and permit applications for scientific flora and fauna permits can be accessed via the following link: Forms and Permits


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