Conservation Information System (CIS)

screenshot of CIS on the NVAThe Conservation Information System (CIS) contains data that assists with conservation planning at the landscape scale. The CIS is accessed through the Natural Values Atlas.

Using the CIS Conservation Analysis interface, you can choose the natural values themes you are interested in investigating eg 'Conservation and Reservation Status of Vegetation Communities'.

You can also apply weightings to each selected theme according to their relative importance to your investigation. Then simply click 'Draw Map' and the CIS will then create a map of areas that have a high density of the natural values of interest. Areas with a high score of combined values are shown on the map in darker shades, and lower scoring areas in lighter shades.

Currently there are seven natural values themes available. Over time these will be added to.

This CIS provides a simple, first-step analysis and has been designed for those who may not have access to a GIS (Geographic Information System).

If more complicated analyses are needed, the data is available from the site for download into your GIS as a shapefile.

For more information about the CIS or to provide feedback about the data, please email

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Conservation Information System (CIS)