Information for TASVEG External Stakeholders and Collaborators

​​Under the Native Vegetation Monitoring Strategy NRE Tas​ has made a commitment to enhancing systems and procedures for stakeholder collaboration on the continual improvement of TASVEG mapping:

 Native Vegetation Monitoring Strategy (PDF 526Kb)

The Tasmanian Vegetation Monitoring and Mapping Program (TVMMP) would like to hear from external stakeholders who regularly undertake vegetation mapping activities that align with the data content of TASVEG. 

We currently provide two broad avenues for external clients to collaborate on mapping: 

  • TASVEG Notification Service
  • TASVEG collaborative mapping

TASVEG Notification S​​ervice

The TASVEG notification service is hosted within the Natural Values Atlas (NVA) and provides registered NVA users with a mechanism to alert TVMMP to errors within the mapping or to provide field validation of vegcodes. 

Users have the ability to highlight TASVEG polygons through attribute query or by spatial selection via the mapping interface. Once a target polygon has been identified, users can make changes to the geometry or alter the attribute values as necessary. These changes are then sent to the TVMMP team for assessment and integration into the TASVEG Live mapping layer.

Users also have the ability to track the progress of their notifications and will receive email confirmation once a notification has been resolved. This service is not intended for use where numerous contiguous updates are required, as it operates at the individual polygon level, but will be of use where there are significant errors or omissions in the mapping that users would like to see corrected as a priority.

TASVEG Coll​aborative Mapping

Stakeholders who undertake larger vegetation mapping projects are encouraged to contact TVMMP where they feel the inclusion of this mapping in the TASVEG database would be of mutual benefit. 

Examples of this type of mapping might include: 

  • private reserve mapping
  • council priority area mapping
  • vegetation surveys for monitoring purposes

For any new mapping to be included in the TASVEG database it is important that the data follows all required formats and standards. Where appropriate, TVMMP can supply a collaborator with an extract of the most recent mapping from the TASVEG database, including mechanisms to ensure that modified data can be quickly verified and integrated back into the master file.

For this process to work it is essential that any potential collaborator contact TVMMP before project planning begins. TVMMP will then discuss any common project goals and outline what is technically feasible and practicable within the constraints of current resourcing levels. 

Collaboration of this nature will ensure that TASVEG remains as current as possible and accurately reflects the needs of all stakeholders.​


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