2015 NRM Review

​In 2015, the Tasmanian Government reviewed the effectiveness of Tasmania's two principal instruments for natural resource management: the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Framework 2002 and the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002.

The review's findings and recommendations are outlined in the 2015 NRM Review Final Report.



Public consultation was open for six weeks and focussed on a Discussion Paper.

The review is the first step towards ensuring that Tasmania's natural resource management arrangements are contemporary and meet community needs and expectations.

The review made seven recommendations to improve the Act and Framework. Recommendations were informed by stakeholder submissions and aim to strengthen Tasmania's NRM arrangements and ensure that our natural resources are managed effectively.


  2015 NRM Review Final Report   (947Kb)

  Discussion Paper - Review of the Tasmanian Natural Resource Framework and the Natural Resource Management Act 2002   (1Mb)



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