Reserve Activity Assessment Process Reform - Statutory Environmental Impact Assessment Process Consultation Paper

​​​​​​​​​​​​Consultation​ Paper closed for public comment

Submissions are now closed on the Consultation Paper: National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002 - Reserve Activity Assessment Process Reform – Statutory Environmental Impact Assessment Process.​


 RAA Process Reform Consultation Paper (PDF 2Mb)

This paper is designed to facilitate a conversation with all interested stakeholders on the proposal for amendments to the National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002  (NPRMA) to establish the key components and phases of a proposed statutory environmental impact assessment process on reserve land. 

The paper addresses some key issues:

  • What criteria could assist in determining whether a proposed use or development on reserve land requires assessment under the proposed statutory assessment process.

  • Establishment and composition of an Independent Assessment Panel.

  • Transparency of process and decision making.

  • Appeal rights.

  • Recovery of costs.

  • Publication of leases and licences.

The paper is structured around these key issues and presents information on how proposed amendments to the Act could be developed. 

A supplementary Information Sheet discusses the existing management planning process for reserve land under the NPRMA and proposes some additional process for consideration. One of these processes utilises the proposed statutory RAA process. 

 Information Sheet - Proposed Management Plan Planning Processes (PDF 218Kb)

Submissions on the consultation paper are now CLOSED.

​N​ext steps

We will continue to work closely with Tasmanian Aboriginal people, non-government organisations, local government, reserve users, tourism proponents, developers and the Tasmanian community to ensure we get this right. Your input to the paper will help ensure we continue to protect and manage Tasmanian reserves.

The submissions received on this paper will be used to inform the drafting of the legislation amendments, which will be released in the form of a draft Bill for further consultation. 

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​Consultation Paper to facilitate engagement and stakeholder meetings held​​
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Summary report on issues identified by Government, Key Stakeholders, and other stakeholders​​

May 2024
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​Public consultation on the draft Bill 

​Mid 2024
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​Delivery of draft Bill to Government
 Late 2024


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