TWWHA Natural Values Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Climate change represents one of the greatest threats to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA), which is recognised for its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV). 

The TWWHA Natural Values Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2021-2031 provides a mechanism for integration of best available information to inform management responses necessary to ameliorate the impacts of climate change on the natural values of the TWWHA. 

This Strategy focuses on delivering practical information, actions and tools to manage risks, reduce impacts and realise benefits to the natural values of TWWHA. A future is envisaged in which informed decision-making on activities and actions in the TWWHA allows a best-​case trajectory for the condition of natural values within it, realises opportunities and minimises adverse or compounding outcomes. ​

This Strategy adds to the climate change work undertaken over the past 15 years, led by the Environment Business Unit from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas). This program of work has undertaken risk assessments focusing on geodiversity, flora, and fauna values respectively, and has established a suite of monitoring programs to track the condition of values considered to be at greatest risk of climate change impacts.