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​​​The NRE Tas OBP team is dedicated to providing regular updates on OBP numbers and program activities throughout the season here and on the Orange-bellied Parrot Tasmanian Program Facebook page.

March 14 ​

At the NRE Wildlife Management Facility, the last, Orange-bellied Parrot nestling has left its nest.

The total number of fledglings for the season was 74. Breeding participation was high with 90 per cent of breeding attempts resulting in laid eggs, compared with 63 – 85 per cent participation between 2019 and 2023. Fledgling success rate was average at 2 fledglings produced per nest with eggs, compared with 1.9 and 2.4 fledglings per nest between 2019 and 2023.

The release of captive-bred, juvenile, Orange-bellied Parrots for the season is also now complete. Between January and early March, a total of 40 birds were released into the wild at Melaleuca. The parrots were born in captivity across three facilities, Moonlit Sanctuary, Healesville Sanctuary and the NRE Tas 5 Mile Beach Wildlife Management Facility.

The aims of releasing captive-bred juveniles at Melaleuca are to increase the size of the migrating population and to give the released juveniles the chance to learn wild behaviours from Orange-bellied Parrots at Melaleuca before migration, improving survival rates of captive-bred and wild-born birds.

The juveniles are integrating well within their new environment with our volunteers keeping a close eye on them at the feed tables. ​

January 8

Happy new year from the Tasmanian Orange-bellied Parrot Program!

The first nestlings at the Five Mile Beach Wildlife Management Facility have fledged. The young birds are now spending time mastering their ability to fly and exploring their new surroundings. Fledglings will also socialise by chatting with family and birds in neighbouring flights, learning from their parents which food items to eat and when to be mindful of potential danger.

We have seen 77 nestlings hatch at the Five Mile Beach Wildlife Management Facility this season and will report with the total number of fledglings in March.​

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