Save the Tasmanian Devil Program


The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP) is the official response to the threat of extinction of the Tasmanian devil due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

The vision for the program is for an enduring and ecologically functional population of Tasmanian devils in the wild in Tasmania.

The STDP, an initiative of the Australian and Tasmanian governments, was established in 2003 following a national workshop of specialists on the decline of the Tasmanian devil due to DFTD. ​​​

In this topic

  • About DFTD
    Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) is the name given to a fatal condition in Tasmanian devils which is characterised by the appearance of obvious facial tumours.
  • About the Tasmanian Devil
    The Tasmanian devil is world's largest surviving carnivorous marsupial.
  • Common Devil Issues
    Common devil issues encountered by people in Tasmania, including what to do if you find a Tassie devil.
  • Make a Donation
    How to make a donation to support Tasmanian devils.
  • Tasmanian Devil Information for Kids
    Kid-friendly information about the Tasmanian devil, as well as fun activities.
  • Tasmanian Devil Roadkill Project
    The aims of the Roadkill Project are to identify roadkill hotspots so we can consider mitigation in these areas, continue to monitor the spread of DFTD, monitor persistence of devils in the landscape and, ultimately, to reduce Tasmanian devil roadkill.
  • Tasmanian Devils FAQs
    The Tasmanian devil is the world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial. Find out more about the Tasmanian devil.


Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

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