Tasmanian Devil Videos for Kids

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Hear a devil

Listen to some noises made by a Tasmanian devil.​

Imp exiting catflap

This video shows an imp exiting what is known as a “one way cat flap”. The imp and probably his brothers and sisters were causing too much noise and disturbance for the home owners; so once it was established that the imps were  old enough to no longer rely on mum for feeding and protection, the cat flap is positioned at the location under the house that the devils are using. Once they have left, they can no longer return. Such devices are only placed by the STDP after careful investigation about the status and number of devils living under a house.



Joey in mouth

This video shows a mother devil, who still has several imps in her pouch, gently carrying another of her imps who had fallen from the pouch earlier in the night. He is still dependent on mum and she is taking him back to the den in a lovely display of maternal affection and concern! In this instance the homeowners were happy to have the devils under their house and enjoyed the opportunity to see such rare footage.



Mum with three babies 

This video is from another happy homeowner who was thrilled to see footage of the devil family that was under his house. Here poor devil mum is putting up with three very rowdy youngsters trying to hitch a ride!