Threatened Species Publications, Forms & Related Documents


The Australian Government Department of Agriculture Water and Environment has a published copy of the National Swift Parrot Recovery Plan 

  2009/10 Swift Parrot Breeding Season Survey Report   (2Mb)

  Prioritisiation of Threatened Flora and Fauna. Recovery Actions for the Tasmanian NRM Regions   (598Kb)

  GlobMap: The Swift Parrot Foraging Habitat Map   (652Kb)

  2008/09 Swift Parrot Breeding Season Survey Report   (2Mb)

  2007/08 Swift Parrot Breeding Season Survey   (2Mb)

  Flowering Times of Tasmanian Orchids: A Practical Guide for Field Botanists   (3Mb)

  Threatened Species Strategy   (524Kb)

Tasmania's Freshwater Burrowing Crayfish

Managing Threatened Species on Bruny Island

Tasmania's Threatened Fauna Handbook

Report on the Conservation Assessment of Tasmania's Beach Nesting and Migratory Shorebirds

  Swifts Across the Strait 2008   (1Mb)

  Swifts Across the Strait 2007   (724Kb)

  2005 Swifts Across the Strait Newsletter   (1Mb)

  Threatened Species Assessment on Macquarie Island   (2Mb)

  The Newsletter of the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Program - July 2009   (489Kb)

Threatened Fauna Handbook

Threatened Species Strategy

Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Listing Statements can be viewed via the A-Z list of threatened flora or fauna species

  Threatened Species Booklet   (2Mb)


You can nominate a species to the Scientific Advisory Committee for:

  • inclusion on
  • change in status
  • deletion 

from the Schedules of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. The form is available on our process for listing page.

Guidelines/Permit Application for the 'Taking' of Native Flora

Scientific Research Permits - Fauna

Permit to Take Threatened Species (for Consultants and Development-related Activities)

Relat​ed​ Information

  Draft Tasmanian Devil Recovery Plan   (436Kb)

  Agreed Procedures for the Management of Threatened Species under the Forest Practices System   (772Kb)

The Sustainable Timber Tasmania website has published copies of the Public Authority Managament Agreements for the Swift Parrot.