Investment in the Resource Recovery Sector

​​​​Building the capacity of Tasmania's resource recovery sector to process or use waste materials is central to responding to the COAG export bans on certain types of unprocessed waste, and for addressing ​key challenges in the Tasmanian and broader Australian waste and resource recovery space.

Business Resource E​​​fficiency Program 


Through Renewables, Climate and Future Industries ​Tasmania, the Tasmanian government is providing $200,000 to fund a second round of the Business Resource Efficiency Program, which aims to help businesses that want to be part of the solution on waste and climate change. Applications are now open - for more information visit the Business Resource Efficiency Program webpage​.

​Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund


In May 2021 the Australian Government announced the National Soils Strategy, which includes a $67 million Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund. The Fund aims to support the ​diversion of nutrient-rich household and commercial organic waste from landfill to soils, with investments to build new or enhance existing organic waste processing infrastructure to improve product quality or increase capacity, and supporting elements including:

  • updating Australia’s compost standards to ensure the compost products are fit for purpose

  • undertaking community and industry education initiatives to reduce contamination in municipal and commercial organic waste streams, and

  • stimulating end-market demand, especially within the agriculture sector.

The Tasmanian Government supports the expansion of organic waste processing in Tasmania, and has committed to investing to improve and increase Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) reprocessing capacity across the State – see Southern Organic Waste Processing Expression of Interest. 

The Tasmanian Government with an Industry Partner has submitted an application to the second intake of the Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund. The Federal Minister for the Environment decision on successful second intake projects is expected in June 2022. 

Further information on ​the Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund can be found on the Australian Government Dep​​​artment of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment web​site​. ​

Southern Orga​​nic W​​aste Processing Expression of Interest


The Tasmanian Government invited proposals for capital investment to establish or upgrade organics processing infrastructure in the region of southern Tasmania. Total funding of up to $3 million over two years was available for selected proponents that meet the eligibility and merit criteria. The key objective of the Expression of Interest is to improve and increase processing capacity in southern Tasmania for food organics garden organics (FOGO), commercial organics, and industrial organics. 

The Tasmanian Government has set a target to reduce the volume of organic waste sent to landfill by 50 per cent by 2030, consistent with the national target in the National Waste Policy Action Plan 2019

​B G & J M Barwick Pty Ltd (Barwick's) was the successful applicant receiving $3 million in grant funding.  ​

Further information about organic waste in Tasmania can be found on the Understanding Organic Waste​​ page. ​​

Recycling​​​ Modernisation ​Fund (Plastics) Grants


​In 2021, Timberlink, Envorinex and I M Holdings (Tas) were selected from nine Tasmanian applications to the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants progra​m. The Australian Government, through its Recycling Modernisation F​und​​, provided $5.5 million, which was matched by $5.5 million from the Tasmanian Government. Further matching funding (or better) was being provided by the project applicants, which will resulted in $20 million being invested into Tasmania’s plastics recycling and remanufacturing. ​​

More information on Tasmania’s successful recipients can be found on the Recycling Modernisation ​Fund (Plastics) Grants webpage​