The Landfill Levy

​​​​​​​​​​​​The introduction of a landfill levy is a long-term approach to improving waste management and resource recovery in Tasmania. Funds raised from the landfill levy will be invested directly into the waste and resource recovery sector, supporting existing industry and creating new jobs and business for Tasmanians. Funds will also be used to educate Tasmanians about reducing waste, and support programs will tackle littering and illegal dumping.

L​​​andfill Levy Rate

The Landfill Levy incorporates a staggered introduction over 4 years, starting at $20 per tonne and rising to $40 and then $60 at 2 yearly intervals. Under the Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022 (the Act), the landfill levy rate is expressed in Government Fee Units and the levy rate is set at 12 Fee Units from 1 July 2022.  

The Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022​ (the Regulations) specify that for the period of 1 July 2024 until 30 June 2026 the levy rate will be set at 24 Fee Units, and on the 1 July 2026, the levy rate will move to 36 Fee Units.

Fee Units are adjusted from year to year by Treasury. To further understand this process, visit the Treasury website

​2022-23 Landfill Levy Rate

​In order to commence the levy at exactly $20.00 per tonne, the Minister instructed the WRR Board to provide an "assistance package" to landfill operators in respect of the levy, for the amount of $0.40 per tonne for the 2022-23 financial year.  

The assistance package will cease on 30 June 2023, which means that the amount of the levy payable by landfill operators for the 2023-24 financial year will revert to the value of 12 fee units.​

​2023-24 Landfill Levy Rate

As the Act specifies the amount of the levy in terms of fee units, the annual change in the fee unit amount affects the amount of the levy.

The fee unit value for 2023-24 financial year was gazetted on the 8 February 2023, and is to be increased from $1.70 to $1.78. 

Access the Tasmanian Government Gazette.

This means that the amount of the landfill levy for 2023-24 will be​ $21.36 per tonne.​

Landfill Levy Readiness Grant Scheme

The objective of the Landfill Levy Readiness Grant Scheme was to assist landfill operators and resource recovery operators to meet their levy and data reporting requirements. 

Landfill operators and resource recovery businesses need to collect data on waste, including (for landfills) the information required to calculate the payable levy amount. 

Landfill levy returns will be the mechanism through which waste data will be collected from the relevant facilities. Waste data reports from resource recovery facilities will support the Waste and Resou​rce Recovery Board​ to measure the effectiveness of programs under the State Waste Strategy, which is in development. 

The Grant Scheme assisted with the transition to these requirements by providing a financial contribution towards the costs of modifying the systems and infrastructure of landfill and resource recovery businesses to be able to comply with the new legislative requirements contained in the Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022

Grant recipients are using the funding for a variety of projects, including weighbridges, compliance management, training staff and project management.  ​

​Landfill Levy FAQs

Questions and answers regarding the Landfill Levy. 
Landfill Levy FAQs

Landfill Levy Data Recording and Reporting

Landfill operators and resource recovery businesses need to collect data on waste.​
Landfill Levy Data Recording and Reporting 

​Landfill Levy Awareness Resources

A range of resources to support our stakeholders in transitioning their own communities to participate in the landfill levy system. 
Landfill Levy Awareness Resources 


Waste Levy and Data

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