Plastic Bag Ban

​​​​Plastic shopping bags less than 35 microns thick were banned in Tasmania in 2013 under the Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013. Prior to this, in 2003, Coles Bay on the east coast of Tasmania became Australia's first plastic bag-free town.

The people of Coles Bay were motivated by a desire to protect the national park and marine environment surrounding their town. Similarly, the Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013 aims to minimise environmental pollution by preventing certain bags from being provided to retail customers. 

Environmental Infringement Notice penalties for offences specified in the Plastic Shopping Bag Ban Act 2013​ are prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (General) Regulations 2017.​

More information about the Plastic Shopping Bags Ban can be found on the Tasmanian EPA website​. ​

In April 2021, along with all other Australian states and territories, the Tasmanian Government committed to phasing out particular problematic and unnecessary plastic products and materials by 2025. ​Lightweight shopping bags were among the​ products listed in the commitment. While lightweight shopping bags are already banned in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government is currently working towards phasing out other single-use plastics. 

More information about Tasmania's progress can be found on the Problematic Single-Use Plastics website.​


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