​​Will the container registration system be nationally consistent or bespoke to Tasmania? 

This is to be determined. However, a nationally harmonised registration system is in development, and Tasmania will aim to utilise it as soon as possible.​

Will there be a fee to obtain container approval? 

No, this will be free. The aim is to reduce impediments for beverage companies to comply with the Scheme.

What is the intention of the “first responsible supplier” draft regulation?

Draft Regulation 14 provides some flexibility in sub-contracting some “first responsible supplier” responsibilities without completely transferring “first responsible supplier” status. This is aimed at giving some operational flexibility to small beverage companies who contract out some or most of their manufacturing and logistics work.​

​​Why do the draft regulations not address the commercial arrangement between Tasmanian material recovery facility (MRF) operators and councils? 

MRF operators may opt-in to the Scheme if they wish to receive a refund payment for approved containers. If they do, they will have to meet requirements relating to material processing, data collection, sampling and reporting. These details will be managed through contractual arrangements between the Scheme Coordinator and MRF operators. These Agreements will set out the terms and conditions for the MRF to receive refunds, including compliance with a MRF Protocol issued by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. 

A draft MRF Protocol has been developed and MRFs and local government stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback on it from late June 2023. ​​

Is the 20,000 container-free threshold included in the draft regulations? 

No, the 20,000 container cost-free threshold will form part of the contractual arrangements for the Scheme and will be included in the Scheme Payments and Contribution Methodology, which governs financial payments under the Scheme.  

Can small business apply to report container numbers annually rather than monthly? 

No. However, small beverage companies who supply less than 250,000 liters of eligible beverages per financial year will have the option of doing their paperwork (reporting sales and paying invoices) quarterly. All other companies will need to do this monthly.    ​​​​

Is there a requirement for the materials to be recycled in Tasmania? 

No this is not mandated. Rather, the Network Operator will be required to establish a material sales process that is transparent, accessible and provides an open market to all interested buyers, including the local Tasmanian recycling community.​
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