Container Refund Scheme

​​​​​​​​​From 2022, Tasmanians will get a refund for each eligible drink container they return to a designated Refund Point. The Container Refund Scheme aims to reduce litter and increase recycling.​


​Container Refund Sch​em​e Bill 2021​​​

The Container Refun​​d Scheme Bill 2021 was tabled in Parliament on 26 October 2021. Please visit the following link to see the text of the Bill - Container Refund Scheme Bill 2021 (54 of 2021)​

Public Su​​b​​​missi​​ons

Public comment was invited on the draft Bill from 5 June 2021 until 9 July 2021.

​Submissions received and ​​a summary report are available to view Public Submissions: Draft Container Refund Scheme Bill 2021. 

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Background information on the CRS

Drink containers make up 45 per cent of Tasmania’s litter, by volume. From late 2022, Tasmanians will get a refund for each eligible drink container they return to a designated Refund Point. The statewide Container Refund Scheme (CRS) aims to reduce litter and boost recycling, to protect our unique natural environment. Millions of drink containers will be recycled each year instead of ending up in our parks, rivers and beaches.

​​Every Australian state and territory​​ has a CRS or has committed to implement one. All states are working to harmonise the refund amount, which is currently 10 cents per container. ​

Check out the lasted Waste Initiatives Progress Report outlining the status of various waste initiatives in Tasmania including CRS. The Progress Report outlines the key actions that the Government is already implementing or has committed additional resourcing to in the 2021-22 Budget. ​

 Waste Initiatives Progress Report (PDF 335Kb)

Policy​ update

The Tasmanian Government is currently designing a CRS best suited to our state ahead of implementation in 2022. As part of this process an Expert Reference Group has been formed to advise on the design of the Scheme. The ERG is made up of representatives from:

  • the beverage, retail and hospitality industries
  • the waste and recycling sector
  • environment groups
  • local government, and
  • charities.

Member organisations of the Expert Reference Group

We’re also liaising with other states, and building on work from previous studies​​.

Scheme ​governance

The Tasmanian Government has announced its position on how the CRS should be governed. The selected model is ‘split responsibility’ governance. That means a Scheme Coordinator oversees the Scheme’s finances and administration, while an independent Network Operator establishes and runs the network of Container Refund Points. 

The Tasmanian Government has selected this model because it will bring together all the relevant sectors to deliver the best Scheme; we think this will maximise container returns. We want the network of Refund Points to be run by companies with expertise in logistics and recycling.

​Next s​teps​​

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