​​​Sustainability is now a cross curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum. There are many facets to sustainability, but these can broadly be grouped into four main categories: 

  • energy
  • water
  • biodiversity 
  • waste 

NRE Tas supports waste and sustainability education in schools and can provide advice and guidance for teachers on waste issues.

Primary school teaching resources are now available on general waste issues for Kinder to Grade 1, as well as litter, paper, plastic and food waste for Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 students respectively.

They are aligned with various areas of the Australian Curriculum including Science, Maths, English and the cross curriculum priority of Sustainability.​

Teaching Manuals

 WASTE A Teaching Manual Kinder - Grade 1 (PDF 30Mb)​

 WASTE A Teaching Manual Grade 2 - Litter (PDF 1Mb)

 WASTE A Teaching Manual Grade 3 - Paper (PDF 2Mb)​

 WASTE A Teaching Manual - Grade 4 Plastic (PDF 2Mb)​

 WASTE A Teaching Manual Grade 5 - Food Waste (PDF 4Mb)​