Phasing Out Problematic and Unnecessary Plastics

​​​The Tasmanian Government has agreed to meet the national target of phasing out problematic and unnecessary plastics by 2025, and we are working to address the impacts of these plastics and increase resource recovery through the National Waste Policy Action Plan.

​The Tasmanian Government has prioritised the introduction of a container refund scheme and a waste levy​ to help achieve this goal and to bolster resource recovery across several waste streams. The experience of other Australian states shows that a container refund scheme dramatically reduces the littering of plastic containers and increases the recovery and recycling of those materials. 

The City of Hobart recently banned several categories of single-use plastic through a by-law. The purpose is to reduce plastic litter arising from takeaway food retailing; minimise the exposure of the community and the environment to the harm from these plastics; and stimulate the update of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

The Tasmanian Government’s draft Waste Action Plan​ includes a commitment to work with local government and businesses in Tasmania to phase out problematic and unnecessary plastics. Work is underway to implement the priority actions in the draft Waste Action Plan.​