Waste and Resource Recovery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania has made the commitment to tackle a broad range of waste management and resource recovery issues. This is done in partnership with Local Government, business, the community, and the Australian Government. 

Tasmanian State and Local Government are already well-advanced in actioning key policy and legislative actions to tackle the priority waste and resource recovery issues for Tasmania. NRE Tas has a strong focus on waste and resource recovery due to the pollution that waste can cause, the loss of amenity and the difficulty in finding new and acceptable landfill sites, the impact of methane on our climate, the loss of the earth’s precious resources, and the impact on marine life when materials are discarded. 

Waste and Resource Recovery Act 

​The Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022 support the Government’s vision for waste and resource recovery in Tasmania into the future. The Act can be viewed on the Tasmanian Legislation website.   

The legislation sets out the establishment of the Waste and Resource Recovery Board to provide strategic oversight and drive our circular economy agenda. It also introduces a state-wide levy on waste disposed to landfill both as a disincentive to landfilling and as a mechanism to fund strategic investment into Tasmania’s waste and resource recovery sectors. 

Collection of the levy and enforcement of levy obligations is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. 

The landfill levy commenced on 1 July 2022. The Tasmanian Government Landfill Levy is to encourage people to reduce waste, and to re-use or recycle materials instead of sending things to landfill. 
Further information is available on the Landfill Levy FAQs webpage   

Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022 

The main purpose of the Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022 is to outline the operational and data requirements of landfill and resource recovery facilities. This includes: 
  • the landfill levy amount  
  • data reporting requirements, infringements and penalties 
  • some application of funds from the Waste and Resource Recovery Account 
The Regulations are made under the Waste and Resource Recovery Act, which sets out the establishment of the Waste and Resource Recovery Board and introduced a state-wide levy on waste disposed to landfill.   

The landfill levy will have a staggered introduction over 4 years, with the intention of starting at $20 per tonne and rising to $40 and then $60 at 2 yearly intervals. In the Regulations, these amounts are to be expressed in fee units (as closely as possible to the modelled rounded dollar value) to ensure the amounts continue to be adjusted in real terms through time.  

The Tasmanian Government have provided further information and resources to assist with the landfill levy implementation. 

Public Consultation: Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022  ​

Public comment was invited on the draft Regulations with submissions closing on 20 April 2022. A summary of submissions has been compiled to provide an overview of the feedback received as well as NRE Tas responses.

 Summary Consultation Report (PDF 213Kb)

The submissions have been compiled in the following document and are ordered according to submission number. Other than indicated within the submission documents, submissions are treated as public information and are published on this website. No personal information other than an individual's name or the organisation making a submission is published. 

Submissions ​

  • Hobart City Council; Resource Recovery Centre [Joint] 
  • Dulverton Waste Management; Crade Coast Waste Services [Joint] 
  • Recovery TAS Pty Ltd 
  • City of Launceston Council 
  • Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council 
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia  
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania 
  • Confidential 
  • Derwent Valley Council  

Supporting Material ​​​​

Landfill Levy Readiness Grant Scheme 

​The objective of the Landfill Levy Readiness Grant Scheme was to assist landfill operators and resource recovery operators meet their levy and data reporting requirements. Landfill operators and resource recovery businesses need to collect data on waste, including (for landfills) the information required to calculate the payable levy amount. Landfill levy returns will be the mechanism through which waste data will be collected from the relevant facilities. Waste data reports from resource recovery facilities will support the Waste and Resource Recovery Board to measure the effectiveness of programs under the State Waste Strategy, which is in development. 

The Grant Scheme assisted with the transition to these requirements by providing a financial contribution towards the costs of modifying the systems and infrastructure of landfill and resource recovery businesses to be able to comply with the new legislative requirements contained in the Waste and Resource Recovery Act. 

Grant recipients are using the funding for a variety of projects, including weighbridges, compliance management, training staff and project management.  

Useful Links 

There is a breadth of work happening in Tasmania on various environmental initiatives, including climate, water, conservation, food waste and more. See below for links.