Waste and Resource Recovery Act

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022 has passed through Parliament, supporting the Government’s vision for waste and resource recovery in Tasmania into the future. The Act ​can be viewed on the Tasmanian Legislation website​. ​

The legislation sets out the establishment of the Waste and Resource Recovery Board​​ to provide strategic oversight and drive our circular economy agenda. It also introduces​ a state-wide levy on waste disposed to landfill both as a disincentive to landfilling and as a mechanism to fund strategic investment into Tasmania’s waste and resource recovery sectors.

The legislation operates alongside the framework of Tasmania’s existin​g environmental regulation under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act ​1994​​. Collection of the levy and enforcement of levy obligations will be regulated by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania.

The landfill levy collection and compliance requirements of the Act ​(Parts 3 and 4) commenced on 1 July 2022.

The landfill levy is presecribed to have a staggered introduction over 4 years. The Act details that the landfill levy will start at the rate of 12 Fee Units. A Levy Impact study was conducted in 2020 and it determined that $60 per tonne of waste disposed of in landfill is the optimal rate and is the point at which maximum diversion towards resource recovery activities is achieved. The modelling also indicated that a stepped increase in the landfill levy would avoid price shock and allow time for alternatives to landfill disposal to be further developed. The modelling determined that the levy should start at $20 per tonne, rise to $40 per tonne after two years, then rise to $60 per tonne after another two years. These amounts are expressed in fee units (as closely as possible to the modelled rounded dollar value) to ensure the amounts continue to be adjusted in real terms through time. Details of the levy impact modelling are provided in the Tasmanian Waste Levy Impact Study​ ​in the supporting materials below.​

Further information on the Act is available on the Landfill Levy FAQs webpag​e​. ​​

Supporting material available:​

 Waste Levy Impact Study  (PDF 3Mb)​

Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022

​P​ublic consultatio​n closed 20 April

Information about the regulations is available on the webpage, Was​​te and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022. This includes information about support available to operators of landfills and resource recovery facilities impacted by the introduction of a landfill levy.

Waste and Resource Recovery Bill Public Submissions​​

A draft of the Waste and Resource Recovery Bill was released for public consultation between 9 February 2021 and 12 March 2021. There were 31 formal submissions received during the consultation period of the Bill which represented the views of local government, regional groups, industry representatives, and resource recovery operators, commercial and not-for-profit organisations. 

​Submissions received are available to view - Public Submissions: Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021​​. ​​​​


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