Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants

​​Tasmanian Recipients 2021​

The following companies were successful Tasmanian recipients of the Recycling Modernisation Fund in 2021. The focus of the grant funding was to increase the recycling and remanufacturing of plastic in Tasmania.

​Timberl​ink Wood Plastic Comp​​osite decking manufacturing facility

Timberlink, which operates a state-of-the art plantation timber processing facility in northern Tasmania, has been offered a grant of $5.8 million to build a facility to manufacture Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking and other WPC products. This will be only the second plant of its type in Australia and will supply growing demand in the home upgrade market. This will see over 1,300 tonnes a year of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic recycled and mixed with wood waste from Timberlink’s mill to make the WPC products. The HDPE pellets will be produced by another Tasmanian company (Envorinex) using containers, such as milk bottles, collected in Tasmania. This is a great example of increasing the value of a recycled product made in Tasmania to be used by another Tasmanian business.

I M Holdings (Tas) Pty Ltd Integrat​ed mixed plastic recycling and manufacturing facility

I M Holdings (Tas) Pty Ltd (es​tablished by Mitchell Plastic Welding) is a Tasmanian company, and has been offered just over $3 million to develop a waste plastics processing and manufacturing plant. At full capacity, this will be capable of processing 7,200 tonnes of plastic per annum into injection moulded products. Initially, waste plastic from the aquaculture sector will be remanufactured back into components for aquaculture cages. As the capacity is ramped up over subsequent years, a range of waste plastics would be collected, reprocessed, and made into products for the agriculture and construction industries. 

Note: The figures on plastic processing and remanufacturing provided above are for the facilities when at maximum production, which will take several years to be achieved.